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Most successful organizations are created by visionary personality types. They are driven, great at big picture ideas, goal setting, and organization-promotion. It is these qualities that get organizations started and keep them running for as long as they can. Rarely is this all it takes to maintain and grow an organization, and more often than not, organizations begin to fail because while the owner of the ship is standing in the crow’s nest yelling “Go this way! No, that way! Turn the ship around!” there is no captain to direct the helmsman and the rest of the crew. This is the point at which an organization either fails, or doesn’t reach it’s full potential.


If your organization can be made better by operationalizing the day-to-day, analyzing and mitigating risk,  or simply adding some administration expertise into the mix, Vuma can help.

Business Operations

Operationalize day-to-day functions, develop custom systems and implement processes for maximum performance. You need great systems and processes, trust us.

Despite their best intentions, many small nonprofits and associations fail to reach their full potential because they don’t have the proper systems, processes, and people in place to manage the day-to-day business of running an organization effectively and efficiently. Has your organization outgrown its systems? Could your team better serve your stakeholders and fulfill your mission if less staff time was wasted on inefficient processes? The Vuma team can help. Systems, processes, efficiencies, and effectiveness are what we live for. The Vuma team will assess your existing processes and procedures, identify strengths and weaknesses in your operations, and work closely with your team to streamline the day-to-day workflows to get your organization on track and set it on autopilot with minor tweaks and maintenance along the way. We will also work with you on potential changes that can be made to the internal design of your organization to ensure it matches your organizational needs, so your team can focus on the important work of fulfilling your mission. Contact us to get started streamlining your organization’s operations.

Fractional Operations & HR 

Sometimes you need extra hands to accomplish your mission.

Small and mid-sized nonprofits and associations are often resource restricted and lack the funds—or the need—to hire full-time staff for every skillset or role. It’s not uncommon for the office manager to take on HR duties, or the accountant to be assigned operational tasks. This type of role creep not only leads to staff burnout, it also exposes the organization to risk when team members are tasked with responsibilities that don’t align with their skillsets or expertise. Supplementing your in-house expertise with fractional staff is an affordable, flexible solution that relieves the pressure on your over-extended team without incurring the long-term costs and commitment of hiring full-time staff. Fractional staff bring a fresh ‘outsider’s’ perspective to help your organization become unstuck in its pain point areas. And, this type of work arrangement can be scaled up or down to meet the changing needs of your organization. Whether you need an extra pair of hands on-deck to get through your busy season, or an interim expert to fill a role while one of your staff is on leave or while you search for a full-time replacement, or just a fresh perspective, Vuma can deliver fractional support in operations and HR. Contact us to find out how Vuma can help you with:  

    • All things Human Resources
    • Day-to-day Leadership
    • Operational Strategy & Planning
    • Organizational Risk Assessment & Mitigation
    • Process and Procedure Optimization & Automation
    • Business Administration
    • Budget & Finance Management
    • Resource Allocation
    • Grants & Contract Management
    • Talent Acquisition & Team Development
    • Staff Leadership Mentoring and Coaching
    • Internal Communications Related to Changes Affecting Staff  

Organizational Risk Management

Identify challenges. Discover opportunities. Find solutions, together.

To go into business is to take on risk, but risk doesn’t have to be so costly. Well-measured risks are worth taking, but there are many unnecessary risks that expose your organization to a host of financial and legal issues. These risks are not just financially costly, they are also bad for staff morale, cause stakeholders to lose faith in your organization, and can shut your doors permanently. You know the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” The Vuma team specializes in helping small organizations get ahead of issues before they begin and mitigating any risks that already exist. Our approach is simple: we start by conducting an Organizational Risk Analysis to take the pulse of your operations, diagnose and treat organizational issues, and get your business back on the path to good health. With input from your leadership team and key staff, we will provide recommendations for smart solutions that will improve the day-to-day operations and management of your organization and keep you safe from unnecessary risk. Your specific organizational needs will dictate our approach, but you can expect that we will outline your problem areas, rank your most pressing issues, and provide recommendations and tools that will help you to work toward safeguarding your organization so your team can meet the needs of those you serve. Contact us to get started managing your organization’s risks.

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