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Take the pulse of your business to diagnose organizational issues and get back on the path to good health.

Identify challenges.
Find solutions.

You know the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” At Vuma Business Solutions, we offer Organizational Analysis and Design to take the pulse of your business to diagnose and treat organizational issues and get your business back on the path to good health. With help from you and your key staff, we will conduct an organizational analysis and provide recommendations for smart solutions to improve the operations and management of your business. Your specific organizational needs will dictate our approach, but you can expect that we will outline your problem areas and provide recommendations of systems and processes to streamline your day-to-day and optimize your business for efficiency and effectiveness. We will also work with you on potential changes that can be made to the internal design of your organization to ensure it matches your business needs.

Let Vuma Business Solutions take your business to the next level.


Your business grew and the systems and processes you launched at the beginning no longer make sense for your thriving operation. Or maybe they are missing altogether. Your staff are great, but not in the right roles for their skills, knowledge and abilities. You have a need for staff in roles you don’t currently have. You have contracts that need to be renegotiated because you are throwing money out the window. Everything is kind of a mess, and you need a fresh, impartial perspective to help your business get back on track.


Vuma Business Solutions will work with your team to determine what systems, processes and roles are missing so you have a roadmap for improving workflow, day-to-day operations, and staff productivity and happiness.

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