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Most successful businesses are created by CEO personality types. Visionaries who are driven, great at big picture ideas, goal setting, and who are good at self-promotion. It is these qualities that get businesses started and keep them running for as long as they can. Sometimes this is all it takes to maintain the status quo, but more often businesses begin to fail because while the owner of the ship is standing in the crow’s nest yelling “Go this way! No, that way! Turn the ship around!” there is no captain to direct the helmsman and the rest of the crew. This is the point at which a business either fails, or doesn’t reach it’s full potential.


If your business has gotten too big for it’s britches, or can be better by operationalizing the day-to-day, we can help.



Our Onboarding Process

When your organization is ready to proceed with one or more elements of our proposed services, the onboarding process begins. First, we will draft a Consulting Agreement to ensure our ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s are crossed. A formal contract protects both you and Vuma Business Solutions, and ensures we kick off our partnership with a clear understanding of the detailed scope of work, deliverables and a clear path ahead. Once the formalities are behind us and a deposit is paid, we will launch the Vuma Business Solutions New Client Onboarding process described below.

Get Acquainted

 We will have a discovery meeting or call to offer you the opportunity to introduce key staff and get to know the Vuma team. We will provide ‘homework’ ahead of the meeting, and will come prepared so the meeting is productive and on-target. Together we will determine priorities, timelines and key project deliverables to ensure the Vuma team is equipped with relevant information that could inform projects within the scope of work.

Learn the PROCESS

After the discovery meeting, The Vuma team will provide you with a production schedule, project timeline and any relevant information to ensure seamless collaboration and file sharing. We use tools including Dropbox, OneDrive and JarHQ, among others.


Now it’s time to get down to business. Based on the priorities and timelines identified in the discovery meeting, the Vuma team will get to work on project deliverables. It’s that easy. We look forward to getting started.

Get In Touch

+1 614 434 VUMA (8862)

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