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Strategic Communications

Refine your narrative, share your story and connect with customers and prospects in a meaningful way.

Build consensus.
Change minds.
Inspire action.

Garnering stakeholder support. Increasing member and customer engagement. It’s all about how you tell your story. And telling a compelling story is our expertise. Like all of us, today’s consumers are short on time—and even shorter on attention. A deluge of information is available at any moment with the click of a button. In a world where technology and social media allow individuals to gather information and network online day or night for free, businesses must adapt the way they communicate to their current clients and prospective new customers in order to rise above the noise. Vuma’s communications strategists apply nearly 25 years of tactical expertise to expand our clients’ reach, reputation and impact, while delivering impactful messaging programs that garner attention and drive results. Contact us to find out how Vuma can help turbo charge your outreach initiatives.

Let Vuma Business Solutions take your business to the next level.


Your team understands the business inside and out, but struggles to explain the unique value you deliver in a clear, relatable way that resonates with customers, clients and prospects. Keeping up with daily demands means your outreach initiatives are reactive rather than proactive, and your marketing efforts are little more than a hodgepodge of unrelated press releases, social media posts or other promotions. You understand that, in order to grow the business, you need to think strategically, and you are finally ready to take your communications program to the next level.


Vuma’s seasoned communications strategists help your team elucidate a clear, compelling value proposition that integrates with your overall business mission and differentiates your organization from the competition. We work closely with your leadership to set clear goals, identify target audiences, craft impactful messages, establish and measure success metrics, and ensure your public-facing content is consistently on-brand.

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