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Every organization has a unique, compelling story to tell. 


Sometimes, though, putting your story into words is easier said than done. And making sure your message stands out from the crowd? Well, that can seem impossible in today’s around-the-clock barrage of information. 


The Vuma team specializes in helping under-resourced marketing and communications teams refine your narrative, articulate your unique value proposition, home in on your perfect audience, then connect with them in a meaningful way that delivers results. And, we help you quantify and measure the impact of your outreach, so you can validate your efforts and demonstrate value to your stakeholders, customers, members, funders, investors, board of directors – and even to your in-house team. 


Because we understand what it’s like to be resource-restricted in time, person-power, and funding, we offer affordable solutions specifically designed to maximize your influence without breaking your budget. 

Strategic Marketing & Communications

Enlist the expertise of a strategic partner to develop a cohesive, effective strategy that drives your organization’s growth, engagement, and industry prominence.

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Collaborate with an experienced executive-level strategist who seamlessly merges the worlds of marketing and communications with your organization’s overall business goals. Our strategic services are designed for organizations that already have an internal marcom team in place but are missing the C Suite-level strategic and operational guidance and expertise to enhance your marketing efforts and drive more impact. Clients who choose this service gain the big picture counsel of a Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) an experienced senior marketing and communications executive who works part-time or on an interim basis with organizations that require strategic marketing leadership but do not need or cannot afford a full-time CMO. 

Our experienced professionals bring to the table deep knowledge and decades of experience in marketing and communications strategy and planning. We function as an extension of your team, providing macro-level guidance and setting the direction for your organization’s marketing initiatives. Whether your goal is to drive revenue growth, generate leads, expand your brand presence, grow your customer base, or elevate your organization’s reach, reputation, and influence, the Vuma team will design a cost-effective, comprehensive strategy that is in tune with your business targets. If needed, our fractional CMO services also include the management of your internal team or another agency, as well as guidance to identify gaps and inefficiencies in your team’s capabilities. We can also help your marketing department design an efficient technical and operational infrastructure, refine and execute best-practice processes, and establish a system for measuring and improving the overall performance and return on investment of all your marketing programs.  

With our Strategic Services package, you don’t just gain a consultant — you acquire a strategic collaborator committed to working closely with your executive leadership and in-house marcom team to define and enhance your organization’s brand, reach, and influence.  


  • Strategic Alignment: Access a comprehensive, customized strategy that seamlessly aligns marketing and communications with your overarching business objectives. 
  • Specialized Expertise: Leverage the Vuma team’s 25+ years of firsthand, strategic, and tactical marketing communications expertise to elevate your campaigns, improve your results, and boost your reputation. 
  • Flexible Scalability: Collaborate with a dedicated C Suite-level partner to meet your team’s changing leadership needs without the commitment and expense of making a full-time hire.  
  • Fresh Perspective: Inject new ideas and innovative approaches into your marketing and communications initiatives, revitalizing your brand’s presence and driving improved results. 
  • Operational Streamlining: Enhance your marketing operations, martech stack, and budget alignment to improve your organization’s marketing function and gain a streamlined, strategically efficient marcom department. 
  • Team Empowerment: Strengthen your team members’ capabilities, elevate their performance, right-size your team, and boost the strategic edge of your outreach initiatives using the hands-on guidance and mentorship of our seasoned marketing executive.

Tactical Marketing & Communications

Add an extra pair of hands to your in-house team to tackle marcom projects that never make it to the top of the to-do list. 

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Leverage the talent and focus of a seasoned marketing and communications practitioner, adept at translating your strategic plan into tangible results. Our tactical support services are designed for organizations that already have a robust marketing strategy in place but lack the time, staffing resources, or bandwidth to push projects over the finish line. Clients who choose this service gain a tactical expert skilled in the hands-on execution of your entire strategy to supplement your in-house team on a part-time or interim basis – giving you temporary additional help without the commitment and investment of hiring another full-time team member. This role complements the executive-level strategic guidance of your marketing leadership and provides crucial support to lighten the workload for your team, so they can focus on their core functions without worrying about projects slipping through the cracks.  

Our team takes care of a variety of labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks that burden under-resourced marketing communications professionals who wear a lot of hats, and are so bogged down in day-to-day responsibilities, they simply can’t move the needle on competing priorities. The scope of services offered in this package are customized to meet each client’s unique needs, but rest assured our knowledgeable professionals have the marketing chops to help your in-house implement a variety of ad hoc projects aimed at building awareness, generating leads, and connecting with customers, clients, donors, members, and prospects in a meaningful way.  

Whether your team needs extra resources to implement campaigns developed by senior marketing executives, help managing and optimizing digital marketing channels, assistance conducting market research and competitive analyses to inform your organization’s tactical decisions, extra resources to track and report on key performance metrics to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, supplemental support to coordinate events and trade shows to promote your products and services, or simply a point person to monitor and manage your team’s myriad  project timelines and budgets to ensure timely delivery and efficient resource allocation, we can help.  


  • Expert Tactical Support: Trust our experts to execute your marketing strategy flawlessly, boosting brand visibility, lead generation, audience engagement, and ROI. 
  • Relief from Overwhelm: Lighten the workload for your internal marketing team, allowing them to focus on core responsibilities, knowing that important projects are in capable hands. 
  • Cost-Effective Scalability: Supplement your in-house team during their busiest period, without the expense or time commitment of hiring a full-time employee. 
  • Reliable Project Oversight: Ensure efficiency, accountability, timely delivery, and resource optimization of all your marketing projects with a dedicated point person to monitor and manage your team’s intricate project timelines and budgets.  
  • Data-Driven Insights: Leverage in-depth market research and competitive analyses to shape tactical decisions, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. 
  • Integrated Campaign Synergy: Elevate your brand and ensure consistent content across multiple marketing channels – online and in person.  

    Content Marketing & Thought Leadership

    Refine your narrative, define your audience, connect with stakeholders, and position your organization as an industry authority in your niche.

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    Harness the time and talents of accomplished strategists, storytellers, and wordsmiths to unlock the full potential of your brand’s narrative. Our content marketing and thought leadership services are designed for marketing departments that require supplemental editorial and strategic support due to time constraints, limited staffing, or the need for specialized expertise. Clients who choose this service gain a partner both highly adept in the intricacies of inbound and content marketing strategy as well as the tactical creation and implementation of compelling material that captivates your audience, fuels engagement, and solidifies your brand’s reputation.  

    Every organization’s needs are different, but clients rely on Vuma to deliver quality, comprehensive narrative marketing services that extend beyond traditional content creation. From idea development and ghostwriting in premier publications and on digital platforms, to coordinating high-profile speaking engagements and media appearances, the Vuma team has the know-how to leverage your leadership team’s subject matter expertise to draw attention to your brand and solidify your organization’s best-in-class reputation. Our skilled writers, editors, and digital communications experts are adept at articulating a clear value proposition — the ‘Why should I care?’ message — that audiences connect with, and translating that message into stories that build credibility, shift perspectives, and inspire action.  

    Clients turn to us when they need a fresh perspective to rethink, repackage, and streamline existing content and campaigns to engage new audiences. Count on our support to transform complex topics into insightful thought pieces and to skillfully craft newsletters, white papers, speeches, video scripts, Op-eds and other short- and long-form editorial content that captures attention and encourages audience interaction. Our expertise also encompasses organic and paid social media strategies, crafting captivating posts, designing eye-catching ads, and managing campaigns that boost your brand’s visibility and establish your organization as an industry authority.  


    • Strategic Narrative Enhancement: Collaborate with a team of experienced strategists and storytellers to refine your brand’s narrative and position your organization as an industry authority. 
    • Scalability: Enjoy the flexibility to scale content marketing efforts up or down as needed, making it easy for your team to adapt quickly to changing market conditions or seasonal demands – without the challenges of hiring or laying off staff. 
    • Faster Execution: Rely on our skilled writers, editors, and digital experts to execute strategies and campaigns more quickly and efficiently than your over-extended in-house team. This speed can be crucial in staying competitive and capitalizing on timely opportunities.
    • Diverse Perspectives: Tap the fresh perspectives our team brings to the table and leverage new creative solutions and innovative approaches that your internal team may be too close to see.
    • Quality Assurance: Trust our quality control processes to ensure your content is consistent, error-free, and aligned with your organization’s brand and messaging. 
    • Measurable Results: Demonstrate your marketing team’s contributions to your results-oriented executive team using our proven metrics and performance measurement reports. 

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