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Every small association and nonprofit has a unique, compelling story to tell.


Sometimes, though, putting your story into words is easier said than done. And making sure your message stands out from the crowd? Well, that can seem impossible in today’s around-the-clock barrage of information.­­­


The Vuma team specializes in helping short-staffed associations and nonprofits refine your narrative, articulate your unique value proposition, hone in on your perfect audience, then connect with them in a meaningful way. And, we help you quantify and measure the impact of your outreach, so you can validate your efforts and demonstrate value to your members, your funders, your investors, your board of directors, and your team.


Because we understand what it’s like to be resource-restricted, we offer affordable solutions specifically designed to maximize your impact without breaking your budget.


Strategic Communications

Refine your narrative, define your audience, and connect with stakeholders and prospects in a meaningful way.

Garnering stakeholder support. Increasing member and customer engagement. It’s all about how you tell your story. And telling a compelling story is our expertise. Like all of us, today’s consumers are short on time—and even shorter on attention. A deluge of information is available at any moment with the click of a button. In a world where technology and social media allow individuals to gather information and network online day or night for free, businesses must adapt the way they communicate to their current, and prospective, stakeholders in order to rise above the noise. Vuma’s seasoned communicators apply nearly 25 years of tactical expertise to expand our clients’ reach, reputation, and impact, while delivering effective messaging programs that garner attention and drive results. Contact us to find out how Vuma can help turbo charge your outreach initiatives. 

Thought Leadership

Leverage your team’s expertise and know-how to enhance your brand reputation, expand your reach, and generate buzz.

Effective leaders tell compelling stories that engage audiences, build credibility, shift perspectives, and inspire action. Use your team’s expertise to solve stakeholders’ pain points and raise the visibility of your executives in front of a targeted audience of prospective buyers. Regardless of what industry your organization operates in, long-term success depends on how well you build trust, deliver value, and establish lasting connections with your members, clients, and prospects. Today’s consumers are looking for more than a transactional relationship—they’re thirsty for knowledge and insight to enhance their life, empower their careers, and improve their business. From idea development and ghost writing in premier publications to high-profile speaking engagements and media appearances, our team has the know-how to solidify your organization’s best-in-class reputation. Contact us to find out how Vuma can position your business as a foremost thought leader in your field.

Omnichannel Marketing

Deliver the right message to the right audience, at the right time, on the right channel to drive revenue growth.

For many small organizations, the marketing function can be something of a catch-all—a lean team tasked with delivering a broad range of tools and tactics that are critical to the bottom line. From building brand awareness and managing the organization’s reputation, to mounting membership recruitment and renewal campaigns, promoting events and publications, and overseeing the organization’s entire digital footprint, the marketing team plays an essential role in supporting revenue growth and long-term viability. We support small marketing teams who are wearing a lot of hats, or who simply don’t have the bandwidth to move the needle on their competing projects and priorities. Vuma works closely with in-house marketing teams to develop integrated, omnichannel marketing programs that seamlessly align your messaging across both digital and traditional channels. Contact us to find out how Vuma can help your marketing team push projects over the finish line and deliver measurable results.

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