From Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur... a journey in real time


First and foremost, I should warn you dear reader that this blog is very much an evolutionary tool, a true work in progress. I have created this space to hold myself accountable. I’ll be documenting this experiment I in real-time.  No more standing around wishfully dreaming about the elusive ‘someday’ when I start my own successful business.


I figure, if people are watching (reading), I am more likely to follow through. I know it’s true for my time on a treadmill: I work a lot harder and stay on a lot longer at a gym, where people might be watching, than I do in the comfort of my own basement. This is an experiment to see if the same holds true for the business of creating a business.


I’ll warn  you, it might be ugly to watch. I am full of ideas and, to date, utterly absent the initiative to implement them. At some point in this forum, I will catalog all the clever (to me) ideas I’ve sent out into the universe, only to see someone else–someone who does more than talk about it–bring them into being.  I also feel compelled to warn you that I have no idea where we’re going on this journey.  I am not starting with the end in mind.  I don’t already know how life will turn out for Snape and Dumbledore and Potter. 


Nope, this is truly a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants adventure.  Lucky for me, those are my favorite kind.


That said, the general theme remains focused on tracking my progress from cubicle slave to thriving business owner. Stranger things have certainly happened. I know it’s possible, because I’ve spent years upon years listening to podcasts about people who’ve made it happen. I’m confident the proverbial train will derail from time to time along the way.  I tangent. It’s a weakness. I commit to doing my best to tying those tangents back to the overall theme and, if nothing else, finding the lesson in them as it applies to building a business empire.  It is my hope that someday in the not-to-distant future, I’ll look back and cringe at these early entries in much the same way I would cringe at my teenaged journal (had my mother the anti-pack rat not thrown them away decades ago). But to look back and cringe suggests personal growth, without which we stagnate.  


Stagnation is insufferable and overcoming it is my driver. Check back and see where it takes me.